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How to Get Oracle Global Temporary Table (GTT) size

A very quick post to detail a script I wrote about GTT, and more precisely how to know the size occupied by a Session GTT (Global Temporary Table).

GTT are allocated as a temporary segment in the temporary tablespace. So we can get information about it in the V$SORT_USAGE view.

The problem, in this view, you don’t have the name of your table, nor the object id, but having a look in the underlying object makes me discovering the X$KTSSO view which have this information.

I wrote the following query (very quickly) to retrieve this information (This script has been tested on Oracle

set lines 400 pages 500 trimspool on
select s.sid, s.serial#, s.program,o.obj#,,decode(bitand(o.flags, 2), 0, 'N', 2, 'Y', 'N') temporary,
temp_obj.ktssoexts extents, temp_obj.ktssoblks blocks, temp_obj.ktssoblks* bytes
from obj$ o, 
	(select * from x$ktsso) temp_obj,
	(select value bs from v$parameter where name='db_block_size') blk_sz, 
	v$session s, 
	tab$ t
where o.obj# =temp_obj.KTSSOOBJN
and t.obj#=o.obj# 
and bitand(o.flags, 2)=2
and s.saddr=temp_obj.ktssoses;

       SID    SERIAL# PROGRAM                                                OBJ# NAME                           T    EXTENTS     BLOCKS      BYTES
---------- ---------- ------------------------------------------------ ---------- ------------------------------ - ---------- ---------- ----------
        43       1209 sqlplus@oel6.localdomain (TNS V1-V3)                  88956 T_SALES                        Y         35       4480   36700160
        43       1209 sqlplus@oel6.localdomain (TNS V1-V3)                   5187 PLAN_TABLE$                    Y          1        128    1048576
        35       1317 SQL Developer                                          5187 PLAN_TABLE$                    Y          1        128    1048576

This script can give you some clues about values to set for statistics on these GTTs when they are used accross many sessions and you don’t really know their size.

That’s it for today.



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