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Create or modify your virtualBox disks to be used in a RAC Cluster

If you want to create a disk to be used in a RAC Cluster, you have to flag your disk to be shared by many virtual machines.

Currently, it is not possible to create a shared disk by using the GUI.So, you must use the VirtualBox command line tool : VBoxManage.

Your disk has be a fixed size disk, and you have to create it first and modify it next to make it shareable.

To create a shared disk, use the createhd command :

VBoxManage createhd --filename /VDisks/asmdisk1.vdi --size 5120 --format VDI --variant Fixed

Next,  use the option –type of the modifyhd command. You can use this command to transform a disk created with the GUI to be shareable.

VBoxManage modifyhd /VDisks/asmdisk1.vdi --type shareable

Now, you can attach your disk to multiple virtual machines and use it as a shared storage device.


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